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LabCorp uses Pendo to identify onboarding friction and reduce ticket backlog by 99%

Pendo helps entire organizations understand what drives product success.

User Onboarding


A “true north” for success: How PagerDuty views user data

WebPT decreased support tickets by 50% with in-app help

Hello, Copper: How to re-introduce yourself to your users

Personalized in-app user onboarding saves BombBomb over 300 customer success hours without losing the ‘white glove’ experience

Amanda Bridge, UX Content Writer, Procore

“When our customers have a consistent product experience, they develop a familiarity with our application. They learn how to help themselves and know they can come back and learn more later if they’re busy or on a job site. The less surprising we can be in our application, the better. Pendo has allowed us to provide this new level of consistency.”

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Customer Retention

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8 Ways SmartRecruiters Got Smarter After Using Pendo Sentiment

Cisco Cloudlock used notifications to increase NPS scores by 20%

Henry Schein increased their NPS score by 43 Points in 6 months

Cision Trendkite doubled NPS survey response rates moving from email to in-app delivery

TechValidate 99%

99% of surveyed customers are likely to recommend Pendo.

Validated Source: TechValidate

Feature Adoption

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Optimizely sees 38% increase in adoption through in-app education

Unexpected surprises: How OpenTable uses Pendo guides

Test, learn, repeat: Marketo’s successful guide launch

Dispatch provides a complete workflow for users

Sam Robinson, Product Manager, Dispatch

“One of the things we used Pendo for was to target those users who weren’t adding “retail jobs” [a core feature of the dispatch product] and then try to increase it by calling out certain buttons. Just this past year, we were able to increase the usage of this feature by 25%.”

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Account Expansion

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Catchpoint uses Pendo to accelerate trial conversions and sales

Insightly increased onboarding engagement by 1540% and tripled freemium conversions

Infor makes data-driven product decisions with Pendo

Citrix increased trial conversions by 10% through targeted onboarding

Norm Robinson, Knowledge Development Manager, Catchpoint

“Since launch, 10% of our marketing-sourced deals are coming through the guided test drive, and leads from the test drive experience close roughly twice as fast as leads that go through the full free trial process.”

Norm Robinson | Knowledge Development Manager Catchpoint logo

Product Planning

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How AgoraPulse reduced churn with Pendo Feedback

How OneBridge Solutions used Pendo Feedback to create the best possible product

How Portal Improved Customer Satisfaction by using Pendo

How the Black Diamond Wealth Platform uses Pendo Feedback to power a community of product feedback

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