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How OneBridge Solutions used Pendo Feedback to Create the Best Possible Product

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OneBridge Solutions were able to use insights from Pendo Feedback to choose the best features to build when first creating their product.

OneBridge Solutions develops innovative SaaS products for the oil and gas pipeline industry, assisting operators with predicting pipeline failure and reducing operational costs.

The Problem

When OneBridge first set out to build their product, they had a long list of features in mind. Unfortunately, they lacked the resources to build all of them.

This meant that the dev team had to choose which features to prioritize, trying to find those features that were least effort but highest value.

They had no way of narrowing down their list of features, and this meant they couldn’t produce a practical product roadmap.

The Solution

OneBridge easily integrated Pendo Feedback into their system. Based on data they had already collected directly, they entered all of the product features into Feedback so they could begin to manage their list.

They then allowed their dev team to access Feedback and browse through the list of requests. After rating each of the requests for how much effort they’d take to build and how much value they’d bring, they were ready to narrow it down.

Pendo Feedback generated a graph of effort vs value. This allowed OneBridge to visualize their data. They could then quickly identify features & product improvements which were high effort but low value (and avoid them) and which were low effort but high value (and focus on them).

The Results

Thanks to the data they’d analyzed with Pendo Feedback, OneBridge was able to develop a lot of the high value features in the run up to their product launch.

By listening to their customers, they knew what to build and could create a product that they knew their customers would love.

“We’ve used all sorts of development product management tools, from custom in-house to Microsoft Project online. Ultimately, they end up requiring more time to manage the tool than we were spending writing code. And, we usually lost the customer priorities somewhere in the process. Pendo Feedback lets you follow a lean development model, spend more time focused on developing your solution rather than managing it, and most importantly delivering features your customers want! It’s the future of managing software development. Oh, by the way they have some of the best customer service we have experienced. We suspect that it’s a by-product of them eating their own dog-food.”

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