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The initial needs for’s Dave Masters was a tool for onboarding, surveying, and NPS. What they also found was a tool for experimentation and analytics.

Pendo is currently being used on two of’s products—My Home, a product that helps homeowners track things like their home equity, and DoorSteps, a tool that helps renters find their next home.

Each of these products have separate users with specific needs. Dave and his team can view click streams and funnel metrics in Pendo to fully understand customer behavior. also finds Pendo useful for experimentation. They conduct experiments to test the success of new features and decide if certain features are worth the investment. In one test, they discovered there was a low conversion rate in something that would have taken a long time to build.

The company looks forward to continuing pursuing experiments, with Dave concluding that Pendo arms the company with evidence to build great products.

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