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Invoca helps the modern marketer optimize for the most important step in the customer journey: the phone call. With Invoca’s Call Intelligence platform, marketers can get granular campaign attribution to understand why customers are calling, gain real-time intelligence about who’s calling and analyze what’s being said in conversations. Marketers can put this data to work directly in the platform by automating the ideal customer experience before, during and after each call.

With an ecosystem of over 30 technology partners, marketers can inject call intelligence into their existing technology stack, giving them the ability to orchestrate a true omnichannel customer journey. Invoca is backed by Accel Partners, Upfront Ventures, Rincon Venture Partners, and Salesforce.

The need for greater visibility

Although Invoca gathers detailed, actionable data for their customers, they lacked the same level of visibility into their own application. They had no idea what customers were actually doing in their platform. The team would make assumptions based on customer interviews, but they didn’t have any overall view. As a result, critical product and UX decisions were being made without any user data to back them up. Invoca knew that they needed to instrument their platform to begin capturing more detailed user data. The question was how. Do they build the capabilities themselves, and pull engineering resources off of core feature development, or look to an external package? The Invoca team was initially impressed with the ease of Pendo’s installation and began to explore it further as a long-term solution.

“I like the fact that I can easily go in and tag features in the application for analysis without having to ask the development team to do anything,” said Amy Andriano, product experience manager at Invoca. “Our team can go right into the interface, and grab the data we want to look at.”

Invoca was able to quickly instrument their application with Pendo and begin capturing event data from 5,000+ users. The customer experience team uses Pendo to view product usage through feature heat maps and chart how their users move through the application with Pendo’s path analysis feature.

Improving user satisfaction with product data

Product data has provided a number of surprising insights to the Invoca team. Like many SaaS companies, Invoca looks to continually improve their user experience and push out enhancements and updates to their users as soon as they are ready. One of those enhancements was a significant revamp of the user interface. Shortly after launch, the path analysis in Pendo showed an unexpected behavior. Some users had found a way to bypass the new UI and were going directly to some of the older pages.

Old Homepage Path_Annotation

With Pendo, the team at Invoca was not only able to discover that users were going to the older pages, but they were able to identify which specific users were doing so. As a result, they were able to quickly reach out to these users directly for feedback. They found that the users were looking for an easier way to access actionable summary data. This data had been part of the original dashboard, and in the new interface was moved under a “Reports” option adding several clicks for users to access. Armed with this new information, Invoca was able to make this data more easily accessible in the updated UI.

To encourage users to stop using the old page, Invoca deployed several guides reminding users to change their browser bookmarks (the primary source of traffic to the old page).  Several weeks after deploying the guides, visits to the old page dried up completely:

Old Homepage Guides_Annotation

The data on feature usage has been very helpful as well. The Invoca team noticed that a new search bar on the top of their interface wasn’t getting nearly as much use as they would have expected. To make users aware of the feature, they deployed a tooltip guide that highlighted the capability to users that hadn’t used it before. The guide drove an immediate spike in usage the day it was deployed, and it continues to be a highly used feature. Now they deploy guide notifications for every new feature that is rolled out.

The customer experience team believes that the detailed product data, and the ability to engage with logged-in users will increase customer satisfaction and accelerate adoption of the new dashboard. They are in the process of rolling out Pendo’s new NPS polling feature to effectively capture and track user satisfaction directly in the application.

“We had an old page called ‘Classic Reports,’” says Andriano. “We used Pendo to reach out to all of the heavy users of that page to gather feedback prior to migrating them to the new interface. As a result, they were much happier with the move and we saw increased adoption of the new tools. It’s incredibly helpful to actually know what customers are doing in the application versus what people think customers are doing.”

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