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Onboarding is arguably the most important step in the product journey. Successful onboarding clears a path to successful outcomes. This is why the Pendo success team provides the support, enablement, and training you need to implement Pendo and integrate with your existing systems.

Later, our ongoing partnership ensures your momentum continues as you test new use cases, adopt best practices, and build centers of excellence.

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We promote product adoption and accelerate time to value through tailored onboarding, training, and education.
Customer Success
We proactively engage with you throughout our partnership to ensure you are achieving your goals.
We minimize business disruption by providing technical guidance to quickly overcome any product issues.
Subscription Success
We optimize your subscription to deliver results. Together, we deepen our partnership to further your ability to achieve key business outcomes.
We provide guidance on technical infrastructure, deployment planning, product roadmap, and issue resolution.
We understand your challenges, value drivers, and desired outcomes. We recommend the best solutions to help you achieve your goals.

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