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High growth tech companies need to show investors that their products are built for growth. Pendo has the tools to help you get there.
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We understand the unique needs of high growth tech companies

On the path to making “a dent in the universe,” high growth startups face a unique set of challenges. Hiring 10x talent, fending off ambitious competition, hitting “hockey stick” goals. Let Pendo help you take care of your most important challenge — getting the product right and scaling it.

High growth tech companies need to find and prove product-market fit.

Pendo’s product data, in-app feedback capabilities, and NPS surveys help you achieve PMF.

High growth tech companies have leadership that demands data-informed decisions.

Pendo’s retroactive usage analytics gives you the data you need to make the right product decisions.

High growth tech companies have overstretched engineering resources.

Save engineering time and get things done yourself with Pendo’s low/no-code product experience platform.

High growth tech companies need to grow rapidly.

Grow faster with access to the data you need to help you prioritize the most important features and initiatives.

All the tools startups need to deliver an amazing
 product experience


Unlock next-level growth

Pendo NPS
Find product-market fit
Collect usage analytics to track stickiness, growth, and adoption, then send in-app guides and NPS surveys to connect with users.
Become product-led
Use analytics to zero in on your product's aha moments, then build data-driven in-app onboarding and walkthroughs to drive users to conversion.
Make your resources go further
Reduce costs and get efficient with no-code analytics and in-app guides that help you move fast without requiring engineering time.
Speak your investors’ language
Showcase your product’s adoption and retention with usage analytics, and create a product roadmap to show where the product is going and the impact your initiatives have on business growth.

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How can Pendo help your startup?

Explore our use cases to see how Pendo can help you create the product experiences your customers want.
Lean on your product to educate new users and guide them to success.
Support your users with contextual assistance, when and where they need it.
Create a clear path to paid conversions by putting your product at the heart of your go-to-market efforts.
Deliver intuitive products and features that get users to value quickly.
Empower your product team to make data-informed decisions.
Use data to understand your customers, expand their usage, and increase deal size.

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