Product priorities communicated graphically

Align all product stakeholders

Pendo product shot - Roadmapping
Pendo Roadmap Full Roadmap

Eliminate miscommunication and plan more productively

Coordinate around one central planning roadmap. Visualize your product strategy and group plans according to feature, team, timeline, or segment.


“Our roadmap was based simply on what we thought needed to be built for our product. It was good that we knew what the product should look like, but we needed to make sure our customers agreed.”

Increase visibility and maintain control

Manage which groups see which views of the product plan. Keep all stakeholders current and engaged by minimizing inefficient, fractured conversations.


“We have greatly improved the transparency and efficiency of our roadmap in no time at all.”

Pendo Roadmap Seperate Roadmap View

Update the plan in real time as priorities shift

Drag and drop features and stages as priorities, objectives, and resources change.

Pendo Roadmap Drag and Drop
Thomas Kiss, Product Owner, SabeeApp

“It’s much easier to communicate with our users about what we are building. Customer support was always being asked questions about what was coming in the next few months and what we were working on. Now we have the roadmap, they’re checking it and seeing the status of requests.”

Thomas Kiss | Product Owner Sabeeapp logo

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