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Verizon Connect creates a personalized, automated product demo with Pendo guides

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Verizon Connect fleet management software allows users to track vehicles in the field, improve worker productivity, and encourages safe driving through a range of customizable GPS solutions. The Verizon Connect user experience team wanted to reduce the costs of customer acquisition, especially with smaller scale accounts, while enabling prospective customers to explore the platform for themselves.

To solve this problem, they created an automated product demo that gives customers a hands-on experience without sales involvement. John Wood, principal UX designer at Verizon Connect described the demo build process, “We used a mix of HTML and Pendo guides to allow users to interact with 24 hours of vehicle data, reports, and automated maps. It’s synthetic data, that prospects can engage with like they would in a live demo.”

Verizon Connect Pendo Guide

Zoe Stringer, senior product designer at Verizon Connect was part of the core team that built the automated demo, “I think the experience is really interesting because we’re using Pendo across multiple pages to tell the story and it allows the user to follow a guided tour or deviate at any time and consume each component of the functionality at their own pace.” This personalization at scale serves up videos and customer success stories, and even allows prospective customers to close out the guides and come back later when they want more context around a part of the product. When the prospect is ready to buy, links to pricing and plans are readily accessible at any point in the demo – turning a prospect into an educated, qualified sales lead at the click of a button.

Verizon Connect Pendo Guide

The design and content were completed by a team of three in 60 days, working alongside the engineers who set up the sandbox demo environment. The ease and flexibility of branding Pendo guides ensured that the entire experience felt like it was a connected part of the Verizon Connect platform and not just a pop up laid on top of it. The new guided demo will launch in August and will transform the way prospective new customers engage with the Verizon Connect platform.