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Choozle drives feature adoption, increases revenue with Pendo

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154% increase in promoted feature usage.

35% increase in revenue associated with promoted features

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When it comes to digital advertising, there are endless options for how to create a campaign.

“Geofencing, geoframing, re-targeting, data targeting, CRM … each one of these is a different way for businesses to reach their end-users or prospects,” says Megan Sullivan-Jenks, senior director of brand and product marketing at digital advertising platform Choozle. Choozle offers a platform that brings self-service digital ad campaign planning and execution and advertising data management under one roof.

With so many advertising tactics available as features in Choozle, Sullivan-Jenks noticed users would often miss one or more of them. Occasionally, a customer would even churn on the assumption that a feature they really needed wasn’t offered, even though it was there all along. That meant fewer campaigns launched through the platform and lost revenue opportunities—both for Choozle and their customers.

To boost awareness of these features, Choozle built out a communications strategy with Pendo’s in-app messaging and guidance capabilities at its core. Each month, Choozle built a campaign around a single feature, with a series of Pendo guides delivered at multiple points within the platform, including on the homepage as a user logs in and on the campaign set-up page, where features live.

For example, one campaign promoted cross-device targeting, which extended the reach of an advertising campaign by delivering ads to the same person across all of their devices. Since it was activated by a small toggle switch in the campaign set-up interface, it was often overlooked. “If you didn’t know it would give you better success on your campaign, you probably would just ignore it and move on,” Sullivan-Jenks says.

Surfacing the feature for users with Pendo paid off: Choozle saw a massive 154% increase in usage of the feature following the month-long campaign, and a 1,339% increase in quarterly revenue associated with its use.

Choozle used a communications strategy involving Pendo guides to promote a new feature each month, significantly driving usage and adoption up.


Over the last year, revenue associated with promoted features has increased 35% and adoption of each featured tactic continues to grow.

Using Pendo in this way has been key to Choozle’s growth over the past three years, Sullivan-Jenks says, leading to a 205% increase in active customers and 40% year-over-year revenue growth. “Investing in Pendo early in our company growth has provided us with a consistent and reliable tool to measure and scale our efforts,” she says.

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