FourKites drives customer advocacy on G2 with Zapier-Pendo integration

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Drove 49 reviews on G2 with average 4.8/5 rating

Product(s) Used

FourKites takes advantage of their entire technology stack to help activate product promoters and encourage action outside the app. FourKites connects Pendo with their workflow automation platform (Zapier) to automate additional customer interactions and encourage behavior.

For example, if a user leaves an NPS review in the app, an email is sent through Zapier asking the user to also leave a review on G2. Using this strategy, FourKites has amassed more positive reviews than any of their competitors, and emerged in G2 as a leader in their space. The campaign has led to 49 reviews with an average rating of 4.8 out of 5.

FourKites also uses this integration to activate disengaged users. If a user has gone a certain amount of time without logging into the app, an automated email will be sent highlighting the most popular features for that user’s particular role.

These integrations not only lead to positive results, but also help the customer success team scale more effectively.

Click here to learn how the FourKites customer team leverages product usage analytics to increase product adoption.

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