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Validate your ideas faster, with confidence

Run product discovery at scale to build digital experiences you know customers will love and pay for.
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Test your product assumptions

Input product ideas

Add ideas to Pendo and set impact and effort ratings.

Share ideas with customers

Create an Idea Test to share up to three ideas with a segment of customers, in-app.

Conduct in-depth analysis

Analyze the results of your Idea Tests based on votes, accounts, ARR, impact, and effort.

Build with confidence

Pendo Validate - Idea sharing
Run product discovery at scale
Get your product ideas in front of customers in minutes, so you can build more efficiently.
Stay in control
Choose which ideas you share, and who you share them with, so the right stakeholders stay in-the-know.
Follow-up easily
Create segments of customers who voted on specific ideas, so you can follow up quickly and efficiently.
Bring data to the product discovery process
Understand which ideas you should invest in and which you should ignore—so you can use your budget wisely and make decisions with confidence.

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