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Product Teams 5 signs your team is ready for product experience software

There’s no shortage of software applications to help individuals do their jobs better. To put it into perspective, the typical enterprise company spends over $4 million annually on software as a service (SaaS) products and holds a portfolio of over 270 apps.  For product teams specifically, there are tools for nearly every part of the... Read more »

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Digital Adoption Why the best digital adoption strategy starts with data

Productivity. It’s what every business is trying to boost, especially now. With a disappointing economic forecast, companies across industries are all trying to do more with less. With budgets frozen or getting cut, being more productive is no longer a luxury.  That’s why it was shocking to see that earlier this year, after steady growth... Read more »

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Using Pendo Using product to drive growth and efficiency: Lessons from 7 leading enterprise companies

Many of the world’s largest enterprises have learned that the products they already sell are also their secret efficiency-boosting weapons. Because they know their customers’ primary touchpoints with their organizations are their products, they’ve found ways to harness those user interactions as potential catalysts for growth—in other words, they’re product led. And as a result,... Read more »

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Pendo Community Reliving Pendomonium 2022: Day 2 highlights

After an action-packed and insightful first day of Pendomonium 2022, we headed back to the Duke Energy Center for the Performing Arts for even more learning, networking, and product-led inspiration.  Whether you were here with us in person or following along at home, here’s a look at some of the top highlights from day two... Read more »

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