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Product Teams How enterprises can leverage their products to appeal to multiple audiences

Most startups enter into business to solve a very specific problem for a very specific audience. But more often than not, as these organizations scale and mature, the ways in which their products can be used expands, too. With this expansion comes a broader roster of user types, roles, and use cases—which also means a... Read more »

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Digital Adoption How JLL is driving digital transformation in commercial real estate

When you think of cutting edge technology firms, a storied commercial real estate company founded in 1783 probably isn’t what comes to mind. But that’s precisely what JLL—the second-largest public brokerage firm in the world boasting more than 90,000 employees—has become. Through its JLL Technologies (JLLT) arm, the firm is providing users with best in... Read more »

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Using Pendo 3 Pendo hacks to increase your product team’s efficiency and save developer hours

Rather than growth at all costs, efficiency has become a pressing north star for businesses of all sizes, in nearly every industry. Teams across an organization need to find ways to reduce costs, save headcount, fuel productivity, and increase customer retention. Luckily, companies with software products already have what they need to drive (and sustain)... Read more »

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Pendo Community Introducing the Product-led Certification Course by Pendo and Mind the Product

At Pendo, we talk a lot about being product led. But what does that really mean? For starters, we believe being product led is a company-wide initiative and one that can enable any company to outlast the competition and emerge quicker from any downturn. That’s because they use their product to control costs, grow efficiently,... Read more »

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