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Product Teams How to rebuild and relaunch a feature using Pendo

Knowing if or when you should rebuild a large feature in your software product is not an easy business decision. Doubling down on one area—especially when there are so many other projects to complete—can be a hard choice to make. Hannah Chaplin (Principal, Product Marketing at Pendo), Rebecca Notté (Product Operations Manager at Pendo) and... Read more »

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Digital Adoption How JLL is driving digital transformation in commercial real estate

When you think of cutting edge technology firms, a storied commercial real estate company founded in 1783 probably isn’t what comes to mind. But that’s precisely what JLL—the second-largest public brokerage firm in the world boasting more than 90,000 employees—has become. Through its JLL Technologies (JLLT) arm, the firm is providing users with best in... Read more »

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Using Pendo The essential guide to mobile app onboarding: Best practices and use cases

There’s no doubt about it: While we strive for our mobile apps to be intuitive and user-friendly, there are always opportunities to enhance the user experience for our mobile users. One of the most successful ways you can do this is with in-app onboarding—leveraging guides, tooltips, and help buttons in the app itself to help... Read more »

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Pendo Community Introducing the Product-led Certification Course by Pendo and Mind the Product

At Pendo, we talk a lot about being product led. But what does that really mean? For starters, we believe being product led is a company-wide initiative and one that can enable any company to outlast the competition and emerge quicker from any downturn. That’s because they use their product to control costs, grow efficiently,... Read more »

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