The State of Product Leadership 2021 Global Edition

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Product Teams Product feedback all over the place? Here’s what to do about it

For PMs, product feedback often feels like the ultimate frememy. You love product feedback, you need product feedback, but sometimes it feels like you’re being attacked with a never-ending firehose of, ‘Can you just…’ and ‘It would be nice if…’ This is a very common feeling for product managers, but there are some simple ways... Read more »

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Customer Teams 5 ways to use in-app messaging for cross-selling and upselling

With the notion that it’s more efficient to retain an existing customer than to acquire a new one looming, many companies are looking inward to focus on their current customer base. This means both ensuring you’re supporting customers in ways that drive long-term retention and taking opportunities to provide them with even more value from... Read more »

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Using Pendo How to use Pendo for data-driven feature development

Data-driven feature development is critical to building great products, and it’s also a key characteristic of product-led organizations. What this means is that data–both qualitative or quantitative–is used to inform decisions throughout every step of the product development process.  For reference, an iterative product development process that delights customers typically looks like this: But as... Read more »

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Pendo Community Celebrating Pride at Pendo

Each year, Pride month in June provides an opportunity for us to reflect on the historic Stonewall Riot that occurred at the end of June 1969. It’s also an opportunity to reflect and continue the work towards equal opportunity and justice for GSRM community members since that time. GSRM is the acronym we use at... Read more »

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