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Product Teams Why it’s time to reimagine your product roadmap

When you think of a product roadmap, what comes to mind? Maybe you see a colorful Gantt-style chart. Or a Kanban board framework. Or perhaps something even simpler still in the form of an Excel spreadsheet. Now think about the substance behind those visuals.  What inputs led to those features appearing on your roadmap? Are... Read more »

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Digital Adoption A groundbreaking new report on how to drive digital adoption

In today’s world, companies are investing heavily in improving the customer experience. But not enough are doing the same for their own employees’ experience–especially when it comes to the software they use at work.   Software is no longer just something we use in the workplace; it is the workplace–the place where we plan, collaborate, and... Read more »

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Using Pendo Five tips for collaborating cross-functionally and upping your in-app messaging game

As organizations scale and grow, working cross-functionally becomes increasingly important.  Collaborating and clearly communicating isn’t just necessary for your own internal teams. Your customers can tell whether your team is working cohesively or not, too. They feel it through their experience with your product, see it in how you position your services, and hear it... Read more »

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Pendo Community Pendo’s commitment to web accessibility

One of Pendo’s core values is “Maniacal Focus On the Customer.” It’s not just something we write on the walls or train new hires on. This core value shows up in everything we do, from all our customer interactions, to the actual features you see in our platform.  This customer focus gives us a better... Read more »

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