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Kajabi’s journey with Pendo Feedback began with a song. Just hours after Pendo announced its acquisition of product intelligence platform Receptive, Kajabi VP of Product Jeremy Saenz fired off an email starting with “If I could turn back time…” and pleading for access to the tool.

In need of a way to scale feedback inputs and feature requests from tens of thousands of customers, he only wished he’d bought the product sooner. 

Jeremy’s product team has been on a mission to build deeper relationships with thought leaders and small business owners who use Kajabi to create online courses and marketing materials, and manage every aspect of their online knowledge businesses. Pendo has played a key role in that work. 

The team uses Pendo Insights to enhance ideation and research, guides to announce new feature releases, and NPS surveys and polls to gauge customer satisfaction post-release. And a big eye-opening moment happened when the team proactively reached out to customers who responded to an in-app survey and used their feedback to help shape areas of the application that needed improvement. It was the first time they deviated from an email survey approach, which typically yielded little response. 

“We now have customers coming to us with crazy product ideas because they want to pay us to solve the problem,” Jeremy says. “They are excited about the team and where we’re taking the product, and it’s because of how we are able to communicate with our customers in Pendo.” 

Pendo Feedback takes that an even bigger step further.

Jeremy’s catchy email got Kajabi a spot in the beta group for what would become Pendo Feedback. Within weeks, the company had written its own Product Feedback Policy and launched a feedback portal to customers via a detailed blog post, providing an excellent example of how to get customers excited about the opportunity to give feedback and to contribute toward making their favorite products even better. 

In the post, Jeremy describes the portal as “a marketplace of ideas, where our entire Kajabi community comes together to see which improvements deserve the highest priority.”

In the month since launch, that community is rich with ideas. 2,000 customers have engaged—  10 percent of its base—and 1,000 requests and customer inputs are in the database. 

Kajabi backfilled its already-planned work into Pendo Feedback and has been able to prioritize and ship big things such as new reporting features, the new Kajabi Mobile app, and coming very soon: the relaunch of Kajabi Pages, a customizable landing page builder. 

According to Jeremy, Pendo Feedback enabled his team to collect feedback on these requests and source customer interviews and beta participants, “so we could get more context and feedback before we ship the final product.”

Pendo Feedback is helping Kajabi achieve a goal of scaling product team impact—they’ve improved transparency with customers and enhanced customer loyalty.

“The lifetime value of customers soars when the product team can be in touch,” Jeremy says. “It shows we’re rooting for them and their businesses and we want to make them successful.”

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