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Magnus Health is on a mission to eliminate the complication and frustration of tracking and organizing school health forms. Used primarily by health, athletic, and administrative offices at independent K-12 schools, the Magnus solution provides an easy and secure way for parents to submit their children’s forms online, and an even easier way for schools to track and manage them.

In late 2017, Magnus Health wanted to understand how users were actually using their product, in addition to what they think and how they feel about it. They hoped to use the data to improve the onboarding process and to help uncover early indicators for churn.

Today, Magnus Health uses Pendo to understand product usage on both web and mobile, to streamline the onboarding experience, and to announce new features and functionality in-app. They’ve also created a robust customer community to help collect feedback and drive product decisions.

Quantitative data, actionable insights to understand customer health

One of Magnus Health’s first steps with Pendo was to create a heat map for each page of their app to get a sense of product usage. They also hoped to observe user behavior to learn what’s easy to do, what seems to be confusing, what paths users take for certain actions, and which features were the most and least popular.

Magnus soon began to track product metrics like NPS score, number of users, and frequency of use (plus data from other parts of their business) to create a holistic customer health score. That’s helped the team compare how healthy and unhealthy clients use the platform to begin to uncover indicators of churn. Magnus also uses data from Pendo to help showcase ROI to their customers, benchmark them against other customers, and offer consultative advice on how they can improve.

As Magnus Health’s product analytics strategy has evolved over time, now, when they release new features, they can examine paths and funnels to see how customers are using them and if they’re effective.

“Our account managers receive a lot of subjective input from their customers about the product,” said Rich Hopewell, Director of Customer Success at Magnus Health. “Pendo has really helped with the objective information.”

A better first impression

After all that work to better understand the customer journey, Magnus moved on to implementing Pendo’s user guidance tools to begin to improve it. They started with the onboarding process.

In the past, Onboarding Specialists at Magnus Health often spent almost 90 minutes of each new deployment walking through simple actions like creating a user or running a certain report. To help gain this precious time back, the Magnus team created “rich guides” and recorded “walkthroughs” for these more straightforward topics. This left more time for informational and consultative discussions during the onboarding calls.

Magnus has saved approximately 10-12 hours a month by automating these aspects of onboarding using Pendo. They’ve also reduced their average onboarding time by 40%.

“This new way of onboarding also means that customers are actually using and engaging in the product while they’re learning, rather than watching from afar through a webinar. Hands-on learning was another big benefit for the team,” Rich says.

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