Improve the digital experience across your entire financial services and insurance stack

Financial services and insurance companies are under more pressure than ever before to make their digital experiences seamless and intuitive. The smartest businesses are optimizing how customers and employees engage with technology—from wealth management CRM and loan origination platforms to mobile banking and claims and policy solutions—helping to build brand loyalty, increase employee efficiency, and drive revenue.


Decrease internal support tickets

Support your employees at scale with in-app guides that offer contextual help when and where they need it most. If you know financial advisors struggle to add new clients to your wealth management CRM, create in-app tutorials that walk them through the process. This proactive support improves users’ experience with your platform and reduces the burden on your internal support center.

Improve efficiency & productivity

Insurance companies can leverage usage data to identify where agents are experiencing friction in their claims and policy solutions. If they notice a lag when users try to write and bind policies, they can create in-app guides that encourage the most efficient workflows. This helps employees do their jobs faster and better, enabling them to sell more policies and generate more revenue for your business.


Deliver personalized onboarding and training at scale

With in-app guides, you can bring onboarding and training inside your software and communicate with employees in real-time. Since the financial services industry is highly regulated, communicating timely financial regulations to brokers and advisors is critical. Companies can house updates and on-demand materials in Pendo’s Resource Center, and personalize content based on users’ needs.

Deliver a better user experience

A great customer experience (CX) is a key differentiator for financial institutions, especially when competitors are increasingly digital-first. Banks can improve their mobile banking CX by using data to understand how customers engage with the app and if they’re using its most valuable features. They can then steer users through tasks like transferring assets or approving a mortgage with personalized in-app guides.


Prevent customer churn

Banks need to identify which application features are used by loyal customers and which in-app behaviors signal potential churn. They can use Net Promoter Score (NPS) to understand customer sentiment and pair NPS data with product usage to see which actions correlate with high and low scores. Banks can then get ahead of churn and engage unhappy customers with in-app guides that walk through key tasks.

Become product led

In order to retain customers and help employees do their best work, financial institutions and insurance companies need to embrace a product-led mentality.

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6 ways financial institutions can improve their digital experience


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