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Data-driven sales: How Citrix ShareFile increases free trials conversions


28% increase in trial conversions through targeted onboarding

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Stephanie Monk and her team at Citrix ShareFile were focused on creating growth opportunities for their free-trial users.

Monk wanted to get trial users to that “a-ha!” moment as quickly as possible. She had a specific goal of increasing their trial conversion rate by 10 percent — but she surpassed it with a 28 percent increase with the help of Pendo’s in-app walkthroughs.

Pendo data helped Citrix discover a certain trial usage pattern converted to paying customers at a higher rate than others. In response, Stephanie’s team created a walkthrough guide that steered users to those particular features.

Along with identifying key actions that trial members should take, data also helped ShareFile determine what kind of content users should receive.

Stephanie says that from their experiment she learned the value of a personalized customer experience. During onboarding, if you show users exactly what it is they want to do in the fastest, simplest way possible, users will find value and stick around.

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