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Led by CPO Mike Profit, the product team at Workwave wanted a clearer look at how their customers used their field service software. Specifically, they were interested in learning how users interact with high-trafficked pages.

Data revealed that users were taking longer than expected to get to the intended page when using the search function. Thanks to this insight, they redesigned the search bar to provide predictive results, reducing the average amount of clicks from seven to two.

Beyond user analytics, Workwave found value in Pendo’s in-app messaging tool, guides, and NPS solution.

Historically, Workwave surveyed user sentiment by e-mail, which resulted in a low response rate. Their typical 120 responses surged to 1,500 within 24 hours by conducting the survey inside of the Workwave product. This abundance of sentiment data then allowed the Workwave team to create in-app marketing campaigns targeting promoters and detractors.

Regarding his Pendo experience, Mike says, “I make my team much more successful. They’re able to get the data they need to make effective prioritization decisions.”

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