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How BridalLive Cut Through The Feedback Noise With Pendo Feedback

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BridalLive use Pendo Feedback to silence the noise and focus on the product improvements that their customers need the most, allowing them to improve their product & customer experience

BridalLive are the #1 bridal shop software provider, helping over 700 stores to manage their bookings, inventory, point of sale, and marketing.

The Problem

Having to manually manage feedback was taking its toll. Requests were flying in from all fronts and BridalLive were struggling to keep up. It was a constant battle to decide which product improvement and features would have the highest impact on their business and users.

Often they would build a feature only to find that the majority of customer didn’t need it. They needed something else. This was a major waste of time and resources.

They needed a better way.

The Solution

BridalLive were able to quickly get set-up with Pendo Feedback in a matter of hours. After playing around and seeing how it all worked, they began to follow the guidelines set out in our help documentation.

They added in the top 30 requests from JIRA so that Feedback was already pre-populated when it came to letting customers in.

Now that Feedback is open to their customers, they use the Customer SmartList to see which improvements matter the most to each user segment.

They schedule a meeting every week to discuss the top priorities, and how to go about building them into their software.

“I have a higher level of enjoyment running the business, not having to pick sides, and the loudest voice no longer gets to choose the features. [Pendo Feedback] has added order and that’s what was needed.” – Tom Esposito, CEO at BridalLive

The Results

Since they’ve started using Feedback, BridalLive have made regular improvements to their product, guided by the data they’ve received.

They’re no longer losing sleep over the countless requests they used to receive, and they don’t have to guess about what will have the most positive impact on their business and customer experience.

With a click of a button they can view the priorities and focus on building the most important requests.

As CEO Tom Esposito put it, “It’s doing everything we hoped it would do.”

We couldn’t have put it better ourselves.

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