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43 point increase in NPS score in 6 months

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Sr. Product Manager Dan Larsen believes the beauty of NPS is creating a stronger connection with customers.

Henry Schein has a user base of more than one million customers across various health industries. The company’s product team can improve their customers’ experience by collecting user insights through in-app NPS surveys.

The most crucial step? The follow up. Dan says, “If someone is taking the time to leave qualitative feedback, your team should be following up. Especially if that person is a detractor.”

The insights gleaned from NPS feedback has helped Henry Schein adapt to its customers’ needs, which, in turn, has led to a massive 43-point increase in its NPS score.

“Everyone at the company owns customer loyalty,” says Dan.

By connecting Pendo’s NPS tool with Slack, the entire Henry Schein team has visibility into customer sentiment. If a user writes feedback on a certain aspect of the product, the person responsible for that part of the user journey can comment in thread what they are going to do to improve that customer’s experience.

“Detractors kill your growth, promoters solve problems,” adds Dan. Having a relationship with both allows you to increase your NPS score, improve your product experience, and grow your business.

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