Personalized user onboarding and in-app training

Make every user a product expert from day one

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Guide customers to value faster

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Improve the customer experience

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Unique solutions for your unique customers

Pendo User Onboarding Feature Tool Tip

Guide customers to value faster

Demonstrate the value of your applications quickly by guiding users to the features that benefit them most. Set goals and communicate performance so that onboarding is aligned to business results.

TechValidate 82%

Improve onboarding

82% of Pendo customers who use Pendo to improve onboarding time saw at least a 10% reduction in time and effort.

Validated Source: TechValidate

Improve the customer experience

Curate the perfect first impression by providing an intuitive, frustration-free experience at the start of the customer journey. Reinforce new knowledge and add more complex tasks as users gain confidence.

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Pendo Features User Segmentation

Unique solutions for your unique customers

Segment your customer base and target communications based on individual needs. Personalized guidance means each user can achieve their particular goals.

Amanda Bridge, UX Content Writer, Procore

“When our customers have a consistent product experience, they develop a familiarity with our application. They learn how to help themselves and know they can come back and learn more later if they’re busy or on a job site. The less surprising we can be in our application, the better. Pendo has allowed us to provide this new level of consistency.”

Amanda Bridge | UX Content Writer Procore logo

Case studies

Using in-app walkthroughs to onboard new users decreased support ticket volume by 60% and reduced churn by 7% for first month customers.

WebPT decreased support tickets by 50% with in-app help

UserTesting uses Pendo to turn onboarding and training into an ongoing relationship with the user.