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We asked our customers, “How do you Pendo?” And the responses we got were pretty amazing. This curated collection features some of the most creative, impactful, and innovative ways people are using Pendo today. We hope their stories will inspire you to Pendo your next project or initiative.

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FeaturedProduct-led growth
Thinking outside the (marketing tool)box
Marketing EdTech Customer RenewalIn-app Guides

See how Top Hat used Pendo to reimagine their vision of marketing outreach, automate labor-intensive processes, and communicate with customers in the moments that matter most

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Featured story
Launching in beta to make the product better
Enablement Cybersecurity Feature LaunchIn-app GuidesResource Center

Discover how Onapsis used Pendo in-app guides to launch their first-ever product beta and keep their production schedule on track

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Featured story
Customer experience
Sparking curiosity in a community-focused field
Product Government Services Customer EnablementIn-app Guides

See how Bonfire used Pendo in-app guides to surprise and delight users with useful information to help them prepare for their procurement journey

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Stories from customers who’ve used Pendo to launch new offerings, drive utilization of their products, and get their users excited for new features

Conquering the learning curve, one guide at a time
Customer Success Financial Services
Getting straight to the source
Product Sales / Marketing Technology
Finding a way through the ignored inbox
Product Contact Centers
Pendo’ing it means getting an accurate view of data and figuring out what you can do next.

From: “Chatting away the game of “telephone”

Kaly Nasiff

Product owner | StrongMind

Product-led growth

Stories from customers who’ve used Pendo to expand their product’s potential, reach the right users at the right time, and act quickly to move the needle

Thomson Reuters
Staying a step ahead of the search box
Product Financial Services
Focusing on feedback to inspire internal teams
Customer Success Veterinary Services
Sweetening the pot with a little special(ist) attention
Product Sales / Marketing Technology
Pendo’ing it means ‘let's go, let's test it, let's get it out there.’ Let's do a pulse check and talk to our users immediately or change their behavior quickly without having to go through the normal agile engineering process.

From: “Skipping the (engineering) line to run faster

Amber Britton

Senior product manager | SecurityScorecard

Customer experience

Stories from customers who’ve used Pendo to tailor their onboarding motions, delight their users, and create more immersive product experiences

Healthcare experience analytics provider
Maintaining user confidence through timely and tailored messaging
Product Healthcare
Reducing complexity by demonstrating value
Product Contact Centers
Pendo’ing it means being able to answer questions like: What's going on in our platform? What are users doing? What are they not doing, and why? It’s knowing our users’ journeys and also leveraging that data from an experimentation and feature perspective.

From: “Sparking curiosity in a community-focused field

Doug MacKendrick

Manager, product management | Bonfire

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