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Hello, Copper: How to re-introduce yourself to your users


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When Copper was going through a rebrand, the team asked themselves, “How do we make sure our customers stay with us along the way?”

Copper is a productivity CRM designed to do the “busy work” so their customers get to forming real relationships. Jenn Pugh, Copper’s director of product management for the growth team, is obsessed with her users’ initial experience. She is the woman behind making sure that everyone—from first time CRM users to enterprises—receives clear, accurate communication from the brand.

Her team originally implemented Pendo to onboard users, or as Jenn calls it, “inspire and activate.” A formal onboarding process proved to be successful—they found if people went through 25 percent of the walkthrough in the trial experience, they were twice as likely to buy the product.

“That was the cheddar we needed to keep investing in onboarding,” she said.

Later, when it came time for the company’s rebrand, Jenn knew that Pendo could aid in telling their story. Her team needed to save on engineering resources as much as possible with a fast-approaching deadline. This made Pendo’s in-app messaging guides the perfect solution to introduce Copper.

While Jenn admits she gained a few grey hairs in the process, on the day of launch her team felt at ease with Pendo’s support, and users received a warm welcome from Copper.

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