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How Follow Up Boss Manages Feedback more Effectively with Pendo

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Here’s a transcript of a live Q&A with Follow Up Boss about how they implemented and use Pendo Feedback to make product decisions that improve their product and their customer experience.

Tell us about Follow Up Boss…

Follow Up Boss is a CRM for realtors to use, to help them track any new leads they get and help with any communications including texting and calling.

We’re based in the US but we don’t have any central location. We have about 25 people right now.

How did you collect feedback before using Pendo Feedback?

Oh, it was pretty basic! We used a program called Basecamp for all of our internal communications as a company. It’s really, really fantastic for everyone working from home.

The problem is that we also used it as a way of storing feedback. The basic idea behind it is if you had folders and subfolders. It’s pretty much like any computer where if you created a folder called “Feedback” and then a subfolder for this section, and a subfolder for that section, a subfolder for the comments.

So, it was… not great.

At the point when I got thrown in charge of it I kind of looked at it and there was no real structure to that. It was usually copy and pasted responses from a customer saying, “I want this thing…”.

When you look at the thing right next to it, you’re like, “Are these the same or are these technically different?”

There’s no good detail on each request.

What made you choose to use Pendo Feedback?

Boy, that was easy for us because what we had was so basic and what I’ve used at past companies was nowhere as elaborate or fancy as Feedback.

The amount of time I saw myself saving with Feedback was massive. I loved the reporting functions, the organization of it all, the ability for customers to go in and vote on things, and do so much stuff on their side.

Not to mention it looks really good, so it almost felt like it was something we could throw into the system and it would look like we’d done all this work getting feedback when really we just added in one program.

How easy was it to start using Pendo Feedback?

We’ve finally got everything migrated over and finally started to use the system versus data enter into the system. The rep I have with Feedback couldn’t be more helpful. She’s absolutely wonderful and I’ve made some changes.

It’s actually pretty easy to learn how to use – I mean, I specialize in software so I hope I can learn any program – but overall it’s intuitive and makes sense. It has great, great, reporting functionality that I just copy over when I do my company report.

It gives me everything I want, and a little more.

What other benefits did Feedback provide?

Communication is huge. There’s nothing more satisfying or reassuring for a customer.

When they say they want Feature A and I can tell them, “Sure, I’ll pass this along to our Dev team.” That response feels like maybe it’s going to happen or maybe it’s not.

But now I can throw them on a request, tell them to look at the feedback link in their account and they can see what I’ve added them to and they see all of the features they’ve asked for.

It feels more official to them, plus I can email them about any request and say, “Hey, could you give me a little more detail about what you want from this request?”

That allows us to get better detail on why something should be developed.

Can you describe Pendo Feedback in one sentence?

Any kind of feedback that you’re getting, Pendo does a beautiful way of allowing you to manage that feedback and plan, structure, and communicate with all parties in a much simpler way than anything else I’ve seen.

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