Powerful product analytics

Gain powerful insight into user behavior across web and mobile

Pendo Product Analytics

Collect comprehensive product data automatically, from day one

Track user behavior immediately across your web, mobile, and internal apps with Pendo’s retroactive analytics—no engineering effort required. Know which features users adopt or ignore, and see how they navigate your entire product portfolio. Make better, data-informed decisions that improve product adoption.


“Using Pendo, we realized users were taking 6-7 clicks to find a valuable part of our product, so we redesigned the search functionality to reduce the number of clicks down to 2.”

Powerful and easy for every team to use

Pendo democratizes product data access, so everyone can be on the same page about the health of your apps. With no specialized skills required, any team can access the same product data and unlock product insights that lead to product-led growth.

Accelerate growth with a data-driven mindset

Use product data to align teams across your organization—like product, marketing, and customer-facing teams—with product-led strategies. Collectively transform how you build digital experiences to maximize business growth and impact.


“Almost overnight, Pendo has transformed our product team from a group driven by hunches and assumptions to a data-driven department with incredible insights into our users’ behavior. It’s well worth the cost.”

Ellie O’Connor, Associate Director of User Experience, IHS Markit

“Product Engagement Score (PES) is all about helping our teams focus on bringing new value to customers whether it’s creating different guides, allocating new resources, or enabling greater discoverability of features. PES makes us smarter and more collaborative when making outcome-based decisions about our products.”

Ellie O’Connor | Associate Director of User Experience | IHS Markit

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