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Learn why customers engage, return, and succeed

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Track usage across web, mobile, and multi-app

Empower your teams with comprehensive product analytics to inform data-driven decisions. Know which features users adopt, which they ignore, and see how they navigate your entire product portfolio.


“Using Pendo, we realized users were taking 6-7 clicks to find a valuable part of our product, so we redesigned the search functionality to reduce the number of clicks down to 2.”

TechValidate 91%

91% of surveyed Pendo customers who wanted to improve their product usage saw a return on their investment in 6-9 months.

Validated Source: TechValidate

Collect all data automatically from day one

It’s impossible to predict every path a user may take. Pendo codelessly tracks all usage as soon as it’s installed — no tagging or instrumentation required.


“Since switching to Pendo, we have saved time and effort trying to get features tagged and named appropriately by the development teams. We can simply decide what we want to know when we need to know it!”

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Jillian Igarashi, Director of Product Management, Moxiworks

“Almost overnight, Pendo has transformed our product team from a group driven by hunches and assumptions to a data-driven department with incredible insights into our users’ behavior. It’s well worth the cost.”

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