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Your customers get more from digital experiences with in app guides

Deliver personalized in-app guidance to customers, directly inside your app.
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Increase awareness and action

Deploy quickly

Launch in-app guides without any added engineering effort.

Accelerate adoption

Get users to value by guiding them to the most impactful features.

Measure and optimize

Continually iterate and improve with actionable guide metrics.

Build tailored in-app guidance that inspires your users

Pendo In-app Guides - Segments
Personalize every experience
Segment and target guides to reach the right users, at the right time, with the right message.
Jump start the creation process
Auto-generate guides and steps powered by AI.
Get users to value quickly
Accelerate onboarding and adoption with relevant and contextual enablement.
Create cross-app consistency
Build cohesive and intuitive experiences for users across your web and mobile apps.
Empower your entire team
Enable anyone in your company to leverage in-app guides with our simple visual designer.
  • Citrix
    Our onboarding guides not only helped increase engagement with our messaging, we've also seen a 60% increase in trial conversions. Personalized guides help users achieve the goals they created their account for in the first place. Drew Grantham, In-Product Marketing Specialist
  • Covetrus logo
    Email wasn’t working, and obviously we don’t have the bandwidth to call all of our customers to tell them about updates . . . Pendo In-app Guides allow us to coach our customers on how to use a feature, tell them when updates are coming, or make them aware of any issues that could affect their business. Benny Estes, Director of Product Management

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