Personalized in-app guides

Create better product experiences with in-app web and mobile communication.

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Maximize adoption by helping users discover and learn valuable features

Out of the box user onboarding, product walkthroughs, and in-app support make it simple to create a better user experience.

Use Pendo’s powerful retroactive analytics to determine when, where, and how to guide users to success.


“Our onboarding guides not only helped increase engagement with our messaging, we've also seen a 60% increase in trial conversions. Personalized guides help users achieve the goals they created their account for in the first place.”

Deliver a personalized in-app experience, no code required

Deploy beautiful, personalized, and data-informed users onboarding and support, without engineering resources.

Use the Pendo Visual Design Studio to build strategic, targeted in-app guide campaigns across your desktop and mobile apps.


“Pendo has allowed us to communicate with our customers at a moment’s notice, reducing the amount of work required to inform and inspire our customers.”

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Empower Product, Marketing, and Service to deliver in-app guides that achieve their goals

With tooltips and best practices delivered in-app, support teams can reduce customer support calls. Marketing can serve tailored messages based on user behavior and segmentation.

No-code and visually designed guides make it easy for anyone at your company to tap into the power of Guides.


“Our communication with end users through Guides is exponentially faster. CS can configure a Guide within minutes when it would take a developer 3 weeks to build, QA, and deploy.”

We help the best companies make products their customers can't live without