Personalized in-app guides and messaging

Help customers get the most out of your product

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Design and deploy rich in-app campaigns without developer resources

Encourage desired behavior — from new feature adoption to high-value journeys — step-by-step across screens and devices. Guide users when and where they need it most.


“Pendo is easy to use, and its in-app banners, tooltips, and lightboxes have transformed how we interact with our clients.”

97% of product teams who use Pendo say they improved new feature functionality and adoption.

Validated Source: TechValidate

TechValidate 97%

Highlight features, provide contextual support, and drive customer success

Tailor messaging to specific segments or users to ensure they’re using the features most beneficial to them. Reduce customer support calls with in-context tooltips and best practices.


“Pendo has allowed us to communicate with our customers at a moment’s notice, reducing the amount of work required to inform and inspire our customers.”

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Deploy personalized, just-in-time user onboarding and tutorials

Accelerate time to value with progressive in-app product walkthroughs. Ensure you’re setting users up for success through constant data-informed iteration.

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Alex Reilly, Customer Success, Infor Global Solutions

“Our communication with end users through Guides is exponentially faster. CS can configure a Guide within minutes when it would take a developer 3 weeks to build, QA, and deploy.”

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