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How Pendo Feedback revolutionized the roadmapping process at Magnus Health

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Magnus Health were able to use Pendo Feedback to completely redesign their roadmapping process, emphasizing transparency, virtually overnight.

Magnus Health are the leading provider of student medical record software, enabling schools to collect essential health and medical records from tens of thousands of students each year, from all around the world.

The Problem

Magnus’s original system for collecting feedback wasn’t doing its job. Their client services department would manually enter product feedback into Salesforce. That data then had to manually exported back out, and all items would be individually reviewed and prioritized.

This process was overwhelmingly time consuming, and it started to take its toll, with key insights left ignored or forgotten in the rush to stay on top of the feedback they were receiving.

The Solution

Magnus quickly set up their Pendo Feedback integration using our single sign-on functionality to allow their customers to easily provide feedback without the need to login.

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They then introduced Pendo Feedback at their annual stakeholder conference, following up with additional education and documentation.

They no longer had to spend hours in meetings, poring over the latest product feedback and feature requests. Instead, a streamlined version – “Feature Request Fridays” – was introduced, allowing stakeholders to discuss the findings from Pendo Feedback.

The new workflow is as follows:

  • The Product Owner reviews feedback as and when it arrives;
  • All requests are set to the “Awaiting Feedback” status;
  • On Feature Request Friday, stakeholders work their way down the Pendo Feedback SmartList deciding whether or not to add them to the roadmap.

The Results

As a result of using Pendo Feedback, Magnus Health have greatly improved the transparency and efficiency of their roadmap in no time at all.

They’ve also been able to use Pendo to uncover features that their customers had used with other tools, giving them a treasure trove of competitor research.

Finally, they’ve been able to extract key insights into new markets and products based on the feedback they’ve collected through Pendo Feedback.

Magnus can now focus on providing better care without having to worry about their feedback or their roadmapping process.

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