Help your team do their best work

Drive user proficiency from day one and every day after

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Accelerate business results

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Simplify complex processes

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Discover and eliminate blockers

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Accelerate business results

Provide just-in-time assistance that streamlines your employees’ workflows and improves proficiency. Offer contextual guidance at the moment when decisions are being made to improve progress and reduce distractions.

Simplify complex processes

Break down complicated workflows so team members know exactly what to do without seeking help. Empower employees to embrace change by supporting them at scale and streamlining communication.

Pendo Digital Adoption Employee Productivity Onboarding Guide
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Discover and eliminate blockers

Understand when and where employees get stuck and quickly implement guidance to reduce friction and improve performance.

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“For us, it was about getting our advocates to the right knowledge instantly in that matter of seconds that it takes to provide easy service to our customers”

Leigh Rouse
Head of Billing, Farmers Insurance