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How InVision leveraged its own tool to secure Pendo buy-in

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InVision has big plans to use Pendo to identify customers who might be at risk of churning and instead retain them by guiding them to success. But getting buy-in to implement any new tool isn’t always easy.

To overcome those hurdles and get their design and product teams onboard, InVision’s marketing department used InVision’s own collaboration tool, Freehand, to storyboard what in-app guidance and onboarding flows would look like inside InVision’s applications, giving those who need to produce and approve the guides a chance to weigh in on their design prior to deployment.

Piecing the guides together in this holistic experience has helped the team sell the value of Pendo internally in a way that brings it to life for people. Having an eagle-eye view of how the Pendo guide flows will progress helps the team ensure they’re designing the optimal user experience, and make sure that everything matches their branding, Murphy says. If design or product doesn’t like the way something looks, or how the flow of a particular set of tooltip guides, they can write comments directly on the board and draw or make suggestions on how to improve it.

That’s all proving critical to securing buy-in for Pendo across the company, and it’s a process Nicole Murphy, InVision’s director of lifecycle marketing, says she’ll use moving forward with each guide deployment.

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