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Dispatch allows workers to get work done in the field instead of struggling to get started. They do this by acting as both a workforce management software and a management tool for home services brands.

Sam Robinson, a product manager at Dispatch, was looking for a tool that provided in-app walkthroughs because he felt as though their users weren’t taking full advantage of their entire platform. Pendo stood out to him because of the combination of in-app walkthroughs and analytics.

Dispatch aimed to help contractors to consume their product for their entire workflow. Pendo helped Dispatch highlight to specific customers essential features they weren’t using. By displaying guides in-app at just the right time, Pendo helped Sam and team demonstrate a 25% increase in key feature usage.

Additional departments, like support and customer success, now rely on Pendo guides to help them communicate with their users without having to tap engineering for help.

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