Data Privacy & Security at Pendo


Trust matters: Pendo’s commitment to you

At Pendo, performance, security, and data privacy are first-order considerations, the north star for how we design our products and policies as an organization. We believe these principles need to be central to every decision we make, and everything we do as a company. That’s why we continue to make substantial investments in these areas to ensure that our solutions never negatively impact the integrity of your data, your users, or your application.

Investing in your security

Pendo observes key industry best practices and regulatory schemes to protect the security and privacy of our customers’ data: SOC2, GDPR, and HIPAA.
Data Protection Officer
Pendo has appointed a data privacy officer as the cross-functional company advocate for data privacy and security.
Privacy & Security Training
All Pendo employees are trained and certified on data privacy policies and best practices.

Vendor Audit & Approval Process
Pendo performs an extensive compliance review and approval process before licensing or using any third-party tools.
Data Encryption & Access Tools
In transit and at rest, all customer data is encrypted using only industry-accepted tools, standards and best practices for data handling and security.
Role Based Permissions
Pendo lets you set granular access controls to grant and restrict capabilities based on specific roles and authorities.

Audit Trails
Pendo logs and stores every change, every action and every event, including the deletion of data, for easy auditing and root cause analysis.

Data Deletion Requests
Pendo supports data deletion requests for both the data we control and the data we process.

Data Segregation & PII
Customer data is logically segregated from each other, and personally identifiable information is never required to take full advantage of Pendo’s product features.
Resilience & Uptime
Pendo is designed for uninterrupted uptime and enterprise scale, processing millions of events per hour and billions per day, with no degradation of performance.
To learn more about Pendo’s security posture and see related documents, please visit our TrustPage.

More questions?

For more information on privacy and compliance, please see our Privacy Policy or contact us at [email protected] for specific data privacy-related questions.

If you have found a security bug in Pendo and want to report it to us, please email [email protected].