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The VP of experience design at cyber security leader Rapid7, Jay Brewer, is focused on the health of his customers.

A software product that stops criminals from stealing your credit card information has a lot of pressure to provide a flawless user experience. From trial to onboarding to setup, everything should be seamless.

Since implementing Pendo, Rapid7 provides their users with more support by having in-product walkthroughs that teach customers how to use the product. Now they’re able to get help in-app without having to call support.

Along with walkthroughs, Pendo data allows the Rapid7 team to pinpoint the behaviors of customers who renew. This has allowed Jay and his team to identify what actions correlate to customer health, and they’ve created playbooks to help replicate that behavior.

Rapid7’s customer success and support teams also benefit from Pendo. They now have additional context during phone calls with customers, which helps them to provide better service.

Not only did Pendo prove to be successful for Jay’s team and the broader company, but it was also for his career. “Pendo got me promoted,” he says humbly.