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Building better betas: How BMC uses the cloud to improve on-premise product experiences


BMC decreased beta testing time by 75% - 90%

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A few years back, BMC Software introduced several key initiatives to position the company for 30 more years of growth.

Prior to Pendo, BMC’s onboarding process was manual—literally. The company sent beta users an instruction manual that include space for customer feedback. At the end of the month-long trial, users would mail the comment-filled manual back to BMC.

When BMC implemented Pendo, they built pop-up guides that played short video clips to show customers how to use the product. Rather than having to flip through a manual, users were now getting help directly in the product itself.

Not only was BMC educating their beta users in a more direct manner, they were also receiving more timely feedback from their customers. Previously they had to wait until the end of the month-long trial to hear anything. Now they enjoyed instant feedback through NPS surveys. Because users were writing feedback as soon as they entered the workflow, they were providing deeper context, which allowed BMC to implement more fixes, faster.

Prior to Pendo users spent five to ten business days getting onboarded. Now that process takes about eight hours.

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