Pendo Feedback

Know what customers need

Capture and analyze customer feedback at scale.
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Deliver what customers really want

Centralize feedback

Easily capture product feedback and requests from customers, in-app.

Prioritize your efforts

Know you're addressing the most critical features first.

Improve transparency

Keep stakeholders aligned and excited about what you’re working on next.

Get meaningful insights from feedback

Pendo Feedback - Find out what your customers really want and are willing to pay for
Understand your customers
Capture the voice of your customers and discover what they really want and are willing to pay for.
Make the right investments
Analyze feedback based on segment, spend, and tags to drive high-impact product decisions.
AI-generated qualitative insights
Extract, sort, and synthesize insights from your qualitative customer feedback.
Close the feedback loop
Automatically update customers as requests are reviewed by the product team.
Unify your feedback
Integrate with tools like Jira and Salesforce to create efficient workflows across teams.
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    I love that members are asked: ‘Here are 50 great ideas, which ones mean the most to you?’ It communicates the idea that we can't do everything, but they can help us decide what they want most. Elisabeth Hunt, Member Support and Training Director
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    Pendo Feedback has helped the team remain bought-in, it’s helped our customer-facing teams feel confident about being able to talk about our value, and it’s been really good as a collaboration tool. Shona Fenner, Product Manager
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    Pendo Feedback’s flexibility allows different teams of product managers with different priorities to explore data most relevant to their own projects, then make or validate decisions quickly. Tom Witczak, Director of Digital Experience

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