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B2B travel software provider Nezasa is delivering a better way to book multi-stage travel. A hyper-growth business in the post-COVID travel industry, Nezasa’s connected trip platform empowers travel brands to sell end-to-end itineraries in a digital and personalised way.

“Customer expectations are higher than ever in the evolving travel landscape,” says Alex Farmer, CRO at Nezasa. “Harnessing advanced data-driven insights and new approaches to refine our products and user experience are what set the standard for sophisticated, personalised, and interactive travel experiences.


Gearing up for growth

Looking to cement their position as leaders in the travel technology sector, Nezasa’s decision to partner with Pendo was driven by a desire to tackle one of the sector’s biggest challenges: delivering tailored experiences at scale and reducing friction throughout the travel planning lifecycle—from discovery and planning, to booking and trip optimisation.

They knew this would require robust analytics and a deeper understanding of customer pain points, needs, and preferences. 

“We want to stay ahead of trends, not follow them,” says Farmer. “By leveraging Pendo’s comprehensive product analytics and user feedback capabilities, we knew we’d be able to make more informed product decisions, deliver more tailored experiences, and drive new levels of customer engagement and loyalty. Not only that, but we’d be in an even stronger position to demonstrate our vision for reshaping the travel technology landscape to potential investors.”


The building blocks of customer-centricity

For the Nezasa team, building a deeper understanding of customer behaviour was vital to success. Pendo’s product experience platform was perfectly aligned to their needs.

“By analysing user feedback and usage patterns, we can address pain points, improve workflows and introduce features that align with user preferences,” says Farmer.

With Pendo Analytics, the product development team at Nezasa is able to understand how users truly interact with their tools. Used in combination with Feedback, which captures quantitative and qualitative feedback on product usage, Nezasa product development teams now have a deep understanding of critical issues driving user behaviour across the platform. This optimises the team’s ability to make data-driven decisions that increase feature adoption, user growth and stickiness. 

For example, Nezasa were able to implement a simple, yet highly effective, restructure of their product page workflow, and launch a Net Promoter Score to quickly spot problems and action targeted improvements that enhance the overall customer experience.

In-App Guides have also significantly elevated Nezasa’s customer experience. They can offer real-time assistance to users as they navigate through the platform, including step-by- step walkthroughs, tool tips and interactive messaging to direct users through new features or complex workflows. As a result, users are now more likely to adopt and fully utilise Nezasa’s products, increasing satisfaction and reducing user frustration.

“Pendo’s robust platform enables us to provide proactive, contextually relevant guidance to users directly within the application,” says Farmer. “This functionality combined with data-driven insights ensures a seamless and intuitive user experience as our product offerings evolve and become even more sophisticated.” 


Scaling up customer success

In partnering with Pendo, Nezasa also wanted to scale the efficiency of their user onboarding and customer success teams. 

For example, Nezasa launched a Product Ideation Portal, an interactive solution where customers can add new ideas and make suggestions on platform improvements. This has served to reduce inquiries by 40% and take the pressure off customer success teams, leaving them free to focus on high-value activities that increase customer value. 

Pendo has also become a centralised Knowledge Base, where users can access self-help training videos and guides—again taking the pressure off Customer Success Managers whilst improving customer experience in the most intuitive way possible.

Finally, by empowering CSMs with more detailed data about customer usage, they can drive improvements against three key pillars of success: breadth of feature adoption, growth in user numbers, and usage frequency.


A precedent-setting partnership

Since making the decision to invest in Pendo, Nezasa has experienced incredible results:

  • Onboarding times have been reduced by 50%
  • General inquiries reduced 40%
  • Monthly active usage has increased by 11% 

“This partnership sets a precedent for how companies in the industry can leverage advanced analytics and user feedback to drive innovation and improve customer experience,” says Farmer.  “It showcases the value of data-driven decision making in shaping product development strategies and highlights the potential for increased collaboration between technology providers. This is especially important for the travel industry, where customer expectations are higher than ever. We must constantly refine and improve products to remain competitive.”


Shaping the future of travel technology

Nezasa raised $4.7 million of new funding in July 2023 to tackle travel technology’s biggest challenges and shape the future of seamless planning, booking, and support experiences throughout the travel planning lifecycle.

Our partnership with Pendo played a significant role in helping us attract funding from several high-profile investors,” says Farmer. “Our robust analytics and user feedback showcased the strong demand for our products, thereby contributing to investor confidence and support.”

Focussing on creating value for Nezasa’s Customer Experience teams, and accelerating an improved onboarding experience for customers has helped relieve pressure.  Now it’s time to build on this foundation for growth.  In the coming months Nezasa will extend feature tracking in Pendo to provide comprehensive and usable data to their product teams. This enhancement will enable better product discovery and analysis, allowing them to identify and address possible friction points before they are encountered by users, thereby further improving the experience..

“Pendo will continue to be a valuable partner,” Farmer says. “The detailed insights and metrics Pendo provides allows us to present a transparent and informed approach to expansion and innovation that strengthens our relationship with customers, and fosters trust from investors.”

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