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A “true north” for success: How PagerDuty views user data


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UX Director Jeff Lopes was looking for an in-app guidance tool for PagerDuty. The SaaS incident response platform was growing fast, and the UX team wanted to make sure their users were growing with them.

After trialing a variety of products, they found that solution in Pendo.

Each month the PagerDuty customer success team would host a webinar for new users, but they experienced low attendance. Guides, Pendo’s in-app messaging feature, prompted users to join the webinar and bumped their usual 10-20 registrants to over 120.

Whenever PagerDuty introduces a new feature, the company uses Pendo guides as part of the launch process. They’ve found that guides work extremely well when testing new features on beta groups because when paired with polling, it opens up the ability for a tight feedback loop.

As far as Pendo’s analytics capability, Jeff likes that he can see how people act in their native environment. He says users behave differently when functioning in their own natural environment versus when being observed by someone hovering over their shoulder.

Jeff holds his team to a new expectation. He’s able to ask them, “What does success look like?” — with data to back it.

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