Pendo Group Product Demo

Join us for a walk through the Pendo platform and how it’s used to understand user behavior, turn that information into actionable insights, and improve your customer experience. This 30-minute presentation will dive into topics such as: product engagement analytics, how to analyze customer sentiment data, using in-app guides to increase adoption, and customer feedback and its role in product development.


Pendo Adopt Group Product Demo

Join the Pendo team for a demonstration of our digital adoption platform, Pendo Adopt. Transform your digital workplace by understanding employee behavior and helping them get the most out of their enterprise software.
During this 30-minute presentation, you’ll learn how to:

  • Turn insights into action: Powered by unparalleled analytics that uncover organizational insight into how work happens, you can drive improved business decisions and outcomes.
  • Deliver measurable value to the business: Improve the ROI on your IT portfolio by increasing employee proficiency, optimizing spend and reducing support and training costs.
  • Personalize and manage change at scale: Deliver in-app, just-in-time content that is segmented, data-informed, and reinforces key behaviors.

Pendomonium Encore

On-Demand Videos

Hundreds of product leaders attended Pendomonium 2021 to connect with experts and learn about the power of product-led innovation. Visit the Pendomonium Encore site to check out the videos from the event, on demand.

On-demand Webinars

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