Pendo webinar: How Pendo uses Pendo Discover to build products

How Pendo uses Pendo Listen to build products

Research shows that 80% of features are rarely or never used. That’s a staggering $29.5B of wasted R&D spend each year. How can product teams build products and features that customers not only use, but love?

Join us for a first look at Pendo Listen (formerly known as Pendo Discover), an upcoming product that provides continuous, AI-driven, and data-informed product discovery at scale. You’ll hear directly from the team designing and building Pendo’s products on how they used Pendo Listen to uplevel their own product discovery process.

In this webinar, we’ll cover:

  • What is Pendo Listen, and top use cases
  • How Pendo used Listen to build and launch a new product
  • Pendo Listen live demo
  • Q&A

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Note: This webinar was recorded when Pendo Listen was known as Pendo Discover.

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