How to find, understand, and measure your product-market fit

How to Find, Understand, and Measure your Product-Market Fit

Achieving product-market fit is an important early milestone in a technology company’s long-term growth trajectory. In fact, many venture capitalists won’t invest in a company without evidence of product-market fit. And for good reason: How can you justify putting resources toward innovation or strategic initiatives if you can’t first prove that your product has enough of a potential market to sustain itself and, ideally, generate profit?

While it’s widely understood that finding product-market fit is crucial, the “how” is less straightforward. In this webinar, we’ll de-mystify product-market fit with the help of two industry experts: Mike Gozzo, VP of Product at Zendesk, and Eric Boduch, Co-founder at Pendo.

Join us to learn:

  • What product-market fit is and how to measure it effectively
  • The right time to prove product-market fit (Do you ever really stop?)
  • Tactics for gathering feedback to validate and guide your efforts
  • The metrics that matter for proving product-market fit to potential investors
  • Why this is a company-wide initiative, beyond just product and marketing

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