How to fuel machine learning algorithms with Pendo Data Sync

Machine learning (ML) holds immense potential to transform your organization, but building effective models often requires reliable data from a multitude of sources. For this to change, organizations can look to incorporate their product data to enhance model accuracy.

Join us to learn how Pendo Data Sync unlocks valuable insights to build better, more accurate machine-learning models for your business. You’ll learn firsthand how Pendo data scientists leveraged Data Sync to build powerful machine-learning algorithms that predict win rates, forecast churn, and optimize paid conversions.

You’ll learn:

  • What is Pendo Data Sync
  • Why product data can supercharge your ML models
  • How Pendo used its own product data to create three ML models

Interested to learn more? Check out this blog post that explains how Pendo Data team uses Data Sync to optimize the customer lifecycle.

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