How CS Teams Can More Effectively Leverage Customer Feedback

As a customer success (CS) professional, you know that more often than not, product feedback gets channeled through the CS team. 

All this customer feedback data can be a rich source of inspiration and validation for how product teams build new products and features. But how can CS effectively manage the torrent of incoming customer ideas, ensure feedback makes it to the right people, and ultimately close the loop with their customers?

Join Hannah Chaplin, director of product marketing at Pendo, and Rebecca Notté, product operations manager at Pendo, as they explore common feedback challenges felt by CS professionals. They’ll share practical steps to help CS leverage feedback to better collaborate with Product, and show you how you can start addressing common feedback challenges using Pendo. You’ll learn how to:

  • Create a feedback process that works for CS, Product, and your users
  • Use data points and Pendo reports to tell a clear story around product decisions
  • Keep customers informed on what you’re working on—and why 
  • Collaborate so everyone feels empowered to talk about your product and roadmap