How to elevate the experience and ROI of the digital workforce

As we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of work, organizations across all industries and geographies must quickly grasp what it means to have digital workforces. More and more, work is being done through software in distributed environments. And functional leaders are being held increasingly accountable for making those experiences easy, efficient, and effective for all employees.

Join Kelli Dragovich (Pendo for Employees Evangelist & former 4x Chief People Officer), Chad Holdorf (VP of Product), and Frank Kyler (VP, HR Systems & Total Rewards) as they discuss how the Pendo team leverages its own platform to level up Pendo’s digital transformation and streamline how we work.

You’ll learn:

  • The role of automation, artificial intelligence, and personalization in shaping the future of work
  • Why and how we developed our approach to using Pendo across our global workforce
  • How Pendo teams accelerate productivity and efficiency in a distributed world
  • How our HR Systems team specifically used Pendo to successfully deploy and enable all employees onto all aspects of Workday, on a global scale

The all-in-one platform for digital transformation

We help product, marketing, customer success, and IT teams deliver digital experiences customers want—and want to pay for—while consolidating costs with a single product platform.