Pendo webinar: The power of Pendo Session Replay for product teams

The power of Pendo Session Replay for product teams

What if you could see what your users see?

With Session Replay now live in Pendo, you can. Session Replay provides you with critical context on the user experience. You’ll use it to make better product decisions and have the visual evidence to back it up.

Watch the webinar and discover how Pendo Session Replay helps you understand why users do what they do through video playbacks of their actions, and uncover the behaviour behind your product data.

We’ll cover:

  • How Session Replay provides you context on users and evidence to get the resources you need
  • A live demo of how Session Replay works in the Pendo platform
  • Customer story: Jonathan Isaacs, Product Marketing Manager at BigChange, joined live to share his experience as a user

Watch the on-demand webinar today to see how Pendo’s newest feature can help you uncover powerful product insights.

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