Unleash product data as actionable insight

Data has become the common language across organizations. For years, we’ve pulled sales, marketing, operations, infrastructure, and finance data into analytics platforms to provide direction and drive collaboration. With the addition of product and user behavior data, we get even richer insight into business health related to churn risk, user segmentation, business efficiency, and more. With our partners Fivetran and Looker, we’ll describe how Pendo adds product data to existing analytics pipelines and informs strategy up to the executive level:

  • Defining a new Product team among data stakeholders across the org
  • What are the metrics we have? What are the metrics we need?
  • Breaking down data silos and taking action on insights

The all-in-one platform for digital transformation

We help product, marketing, customer success, and IT teams deliver digital experiences customers want—and want to pay for—while consolidating costs with a single product platform.