Meet the Maker: Solving customer problems, the right way

Want to take a peek behind the scenes at Pendo and learn about our latest mobile features? In this new series of webinars, we’ll ‘meet the maker’ and learn exactly how they have crafted new functionality in Pendo.

In this first webinar, we will delve into the discovery process. As product managers, we constantly receive feature requests and our roadmaps can feel like a never ending backlog of things to address. So how can you take a step back, run solid discovery, and ensure you are solving valuable pains for the majority of your users?

We’ll be addressing these questions and more with one of our Mobile Product Managers, Daniel Schwartz, and our Mobile Product Marketing Director, Hannah Chaplin. We’ll dig into how Daniel made sure he understood our customers’ pain points before going ahead and thinking about how he could solve them.

Join the webinar to learn:

  • How to understand a customer problem before deciding how building product can solve it
  • Why taking a step back out of the detail can make all the difference
  • Exactly how we used storytelling to articulate and solve a product problem for our users

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