Measure What Matters: The data-driven path to product success

So, you’ve got data. Lots of data. You’re tracking … well, basically everything.

Getting your hands on data is the easy part these days. We’re awash with it. The harder part is making sure you’re using it effectively to draw deeper insights around product usage and make better decisions—and lots of teams are getting this wrong.

Join us to hear a panel of experts from Pendo, Promise, and Rapid7 discuss how they’re all getting it right by measuring what truly matters. You’ll learn:

  • Why data is critical to making the right product decisions
  • How product teams are currently using data
  • How product teams should be using data
  • The top 10 KPIs you should be focusing on
  • How the panelists are using data the right way
  • Lessons learned from measurement gone wrong

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