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AI vs Humans: The battle for the future of product

2023 was the year of AI. Its public emergence fundamentally reshaped just about every product team’s roadmap. But what’s coming in 2024? Will it also change what it means to be a PM? Maybe even replace us? How can you make sure you are positioned to benefit from AI? What resources do you need to truly leverage AI? What is better done without AI?

Join our panel of experts on January 30 as they debate the future of AI and product

  • Dylan Sellberg, Director of Product – & AI Innovation Lab at HubSpot
  • Brian Walsh, SVP of Product at Pendo
  • Marcus Andrews, Sr. Director of Product Marketing at Pendo

We’ll discuss:

  • The future of AI in building products
  • The data you need to do AI well and how to get it
  • How teams beyond product can work with product to leverage AI
  • How to use Pendo and HubSpot to accomplish these goals

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