How product-led companies drive efficient growth

In today’s economic climate, growth matters. But efficient growth matters even more. Leaders across all lines of business must find ways to hit ambitious goals without increasing spend—and they’re doing it by becoming product led. They’re leaning on the product they sell to streamline the sales process, drive growth and retention, and generate high-quality leads—saving their business millions of dollars in operating costs.

Join Howie Bienstock (Director, Value Consulting at Pendo), Ellie McCandless (Product Marketing Manager at Pendo), and Benny Estes (Director of Product Management at Covetrus) for an in-depth discussion about the business value of being product led. They’ll discuss why it’s more important than ever for companies of all sizes to embrace product-led tactics, and explore how these strategies drive growth while optimizing costs and resources.

You’ll learn:

  • How to adapt to constantly changing macroeconomic forces
  • The four key business areas where companies experience value from product-led approaches
  • Why product-led tactics work (and how to start leveraging them yourself)
  • How to build buy-in for product-led investments across your organization

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