Measure what matters: Making your product data work for you

You invest countless resources, time, and effort into building an amazing product, and collect a wealth of data to make it better. Every team across your organization should be using that product data to drive their decision-making–but where should you start? The solution lies in aligning product data sets with broader business metrics and using them together to drive the right outcomes.

Join us as Kellet Atkinson, sr. product manager at Pendo, and Tridivesh Sarangi, vp of product-led growth at Workato, discuss how to measure product success most effectively, then use that information to align product, marketing, customer success, and sales around product-led strategies and deliver products that meet your users’ evolving needs.

You’ll learn:

  • Why data is critical to making the best product decisions
  • How to align product data with the right business metrics 
  • The importance of a strong data foundation for measuring product performance and driving business outcomes 
  • How to use connected data to build a customized product experience

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