Startup to scale-up and beyond: Using your product to drive efficiency

Achieving product-market fit is the key piece of the puzzle for early startup success. Finding it unlocks a new phase—and pace—of growth. Going from startup to scale-up opens new opportunities, but also brings with it a new host of challenges. The best tool in any scaling startup’s arsenal? Your product.

How can you use your product to get to the next phase of growth, while still maintaining efficiency? Find out on October 18 from our panelists Nichole Mace, vp, growth at Pendo, Scott Brinker, vp, platform ecosystem at Hubspot, Logan Hutchinson, sr. staff product manager at Drift, and Curt Townshend, sr. director of growth at OpenView.

In this webinar discussion, you’ll learn:

  • What it takes to become a scale-up and beyond (hint: being product led)
  • Common roadblocks that companies face when trying to unlock the next phase of growth—and how to overcome them
  • How to get all teams on board with product-led strategies
  • Business outcomes that define successful product-led companies

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