How to connect product & business data to drive better outcomes

Making the right decisions for your business starts with having the complete picture. In order to make informed decisions at scale, product, success, marketing,sales, and business leadership teams need one source of truth for all the valuable data across your organization.

Watch as Cooper Triggs, senior product manager at Pendo, Tridivesh Sarangi, VP, product-led growth at Workato, and Manav Bhatia, principal, strategic partnerships at Google Cloud discuss the importance of creating a connected data ecosystem to make efficient and effective decisions, and how to use product data to drive better business outcomes.

You’ll learn:

  • Why combining product data and business data is critical in decision-making
  • How to use your key business data to create hyper-personalized customer experiences in your application
  • How to connect and visualize all your business data sources in one centralized hub to drive more effective decisions
  • The business impact of making data-driven decisions across teams
  • Sneak peek of Pendo’s upcoming data connector: Pendo Data Sync

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